Welcome to the Combined Gospel

New Testament ScrollThis website contains a chronological narrative which I have compiled by combining verses from the four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Designed to be read as one complete story, the narrative enables the reader to follow the birth, teachings, events, death and resurrection of Jesus without having to switch from one Gospel to another.

The Combined Gospel is broken into short topics, with the Scriptural references listed to enable the reader to do their own research.

Originally I set out to make this narrative for my own benefit, wondering if it was possible to take the information from all four Gospels and come up with something that made sense to me. Initially I searched online and found most sites providing a harmony of the Gospels merely listed the topics in a side-by-side format, still needing me to read them separately. Sites that did have a combined narrative were either in the old King James version or included too much commentary by the author.

Being a layman, I wanted something that was easy to read and understand and did not want to include a lot of commentary distracting me from the main message. Eventually I decided I would be better off starting from scratch and compiling my own.

By the time I was about 75% of the way through, I saw that I had managed to achieve my aim and that it would be a good idea to create my own website to share it with others. The original site was made in 2011 and I have upgraded it here to a modern platform that will work on any device.

I hope you find the project interesting and of benefit, as I certainly have.

Gospel Contradictions
As anyone who has compared the Gospels with each other will have found, they often seem to contradict each other or tell a different version of a topic. I have used the principle of “majority rules” and also which Gospel writer would have been in the best position to know exactly what happened and what was said.

Being one complete narrative, I have tried to maintain continuity of thought and meaning when wording each topic. Where possible, I have used the verses unchanged – only modifying them as needed to maintain the flow. I have tried to remain unbiased, concentrating on the message rather than the actual words.

Scriptural Accuracy
The Combined Gospel is not meant as a reference document or for teaching Scripture. I am not attempting to re-write the Gospels or the New Testament. My own thoughts and bias will naturally have crept into the narrative and as I said, I am only a layman.

I encourage you to read each topic in your own Bible, using the verse references listed below each topic heading. The narrative is meant as a guide only and the ultimate authority for accuracy must always be Scripture itself. I have no agenda or denominational slant on what I have written, it is designed purely to combine what is already written.

Navigating the Website
This website is designed to be used in two ways; reading from page one to the end or by going directly to topics.

To simply start reading from the beginning, click here. Each page has a “Previous Page” link at the top and a “Next Page” link at the bottom.

To go straight to a particular topic, use the “Gospel Topics” link from the menu.

I have decided to extend the website to cover how Christianity developed. This is a logical progression from the combined Gospel. However, it will be very much my understanding and unlike the Gospels, I will be adding commentary. For more information, please read the Introduction.

I have put this narrative online for the benefit of all. Feel free to use any of the content as you see fit. After all the content is not mine to start with and if only one person comes to understand and know Jesus and his message and purpose, then I will simply be glad I played a small part in achieving that.

If you would like to provide any feedback, by all means contact me using the form in the menu.